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These boats are even longer at 15-18 feet. Whitewater Kayak The width of the boat is not as critical of a factor as the paddlers height is. These boats are typically around 7-11 feet long. If your kayak falls under the sizes of rec, touring, or performance use the first chart below. 34 inches or wider: Try a paddle that is 240 centimeters long.

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Paddler Weight: Blade Size: Model / Design: Recommended Use : 100 to 150 lbs. 86sq: VESL Zip: All Around / Surf : 145 to 180 lbs. 86sq: VESL Zip: All Around / Surf : 85sq: VESL Crank: Competitive Race Epic Kayaks Inc. is a legendary surfski, kayak & paddles brand. View our range of kayaks designed by world champions for over 20 years.

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Measurement Charts. What Size Kayak Paddle Do I Need? Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide; Kayak Width; Seat Height; Paddler Height  Add the two measurements together and this length should give you a good indication of your maximum paddle length.

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Kayak paddle size chart

✓ Fast shipping ( follow tracking code in your email ). Buy product. Size Chart. SKU:  Model: 33891Colour: Glacier Blue. 1,281.14 kr.

Kayak paddle size chart

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The best way is to get in your canoe or kayak and try a few different lengths and see how it feels. However that isn't always possible, so we have come up with the video above that along with the canoe paddle and kayak paddle sizing chart below that will get you close. Medium Volume – They are made for paddlers between 5 ft. 7 in.

Your personal preference in paddle length may be diffrent.
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Favorites Björn Thomasson Design

How do you size a paddle? Hold the paddle out in front of you with elbows bent at right angles to the paddle and the center of the paddle in front of your head. The correct kayak paddle length is based on many factors. It includes your body stature (length of arms, legs and torso) to boat dimensions and paddle stroke preferences. Once you choose the right kayak paddle length, you can start the next journey, and here is how: The length of your torso will determine which paddle length suits you.

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If you’re 5-foot eight and your kayak is 32 inches wide, you’ll want a paddle that’s 250 cm long.

NRS Paddle and Oar Sizing Guide. Whitewater Kayak Paddles. Hard Shell Kayak Paddles. Paddler Height. Paddle Length. Under 5'2" 188 - 194 cm.